About the Justice League HQ

The Justice League HQ is a DC Universe fan club dedicated to celebrating the DC comics inspired universe through costuming; specifically the costumes and characters of the heroes, villains and denizens. We are an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate.

The JLHQ represents various state and local groups and fan clubs who have united under one global website to aid in recognition as well as provide a singular hub of communication for all DC Universe costumers.

The JLHQ recognizes it holds no claim over the costumes and characters it portrays, and that their use is a privilege extended by DC Comics, and Warner Bros. The members of the JLNM acknowledge and accept that while in costume, we represent the DC brand and will do so professionally and responsibly at all times.

Our mission is to help the communities in which we live through participation in fund raising and charitable events; to portray the DC brand professionally and responsibly at all times; to celebrate DC comics inspired characters through costuming. We seek to promote interest in DC Comic Books and properties through the building and wearing of quality costumes.

If you’d like to see us in action and learn a bit more about a few of our members feel free to watch this short video featuring one of our founding Chapters, the JLAz (Justice League Arizona).